Duck Derby.jpg

How does it work?

- Adopt a duck(s)

- We provide you with the number on your duck(s)

- We release the ducks at the spillway at 4pm July 3rd

- We funnel the ducks down the river to a collection point

- We capture the first 3 ducks to cross the finish line

- 50% of the events proceeds go to the Chambers Fireworks Fund

- 50% of the events proceeds are split between the 3 winning ducks

    1st place = 30%

    2nd place = 15%

    3rd place - 5%

You don't need to be present to win but we'd love to have a crowd cheering on the ducks!

Thank you to all of you that adopted a duck(s) this year.  The turnout was great and we look forward to next years derby. 

2021 Winners are:

1st place = Donna Scott $1207.50

2nd place = Diana Arnold $603.75

3rd place = Haden Westhues $201.25

Duck Derby 2.jpg